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Monitors and Measures Any Production Line... Anytime, Anywhere.

The TRACKER creates an extremely visual and transparent view of your entire production operation, holding every operator, department and plant accountable for their performance and out-put. Accessible anytime, anywhere
in the world. 

KNOW your production status

What Is the TRACKER and How
Does It Work?

The Tracker is a visual representation of your plant's production status and is responsible for sharing the following:

  • Monitors and/or displays speed, counts, rejects and machine status
  • Tracks a single production line or oversees multiple lines in any sized plant
  • Connects via wifi for instant web access from any computer, smart device or phone
  • Provides real-time alerts through instant emails or text notifications of production status
How Can the TRACKER Benefit You?

The Tracker offers several benefits that help make it a very useful and convenient tool.

  • Yields up to a 30% increase in productivity
  • Works in any production environment
  • Does 95% of what more expensive systems do for 90% less outlay
  • Prodives you with an affordable way to monitor operations, pays for itself in weeks
  • Allows access from anywhere in the world and at any time


Real-Time, Real Results. 

Tracker TR
Tracker HUB
Tracker WEB

Real-time data display and monitoring of single production line process.

This incredibly visible monitoring shows real-time throughput metrics, holds operators and departments accountable for their levels of performance and optimizes the production process.

It displays production speed, takt/target counter and speed, custom ID's, job status and Andon light display.

It comes with non-default job status categories and colored lighting alerts.

Overseeing a large plant or have multiple production or equipment lines?

The Tracker HUB is a central display and control station for multiple production lines throughout your plant. 

Connect up to 16 TR's to one central HUB for production floor display or central monitoring. 

Customize up to 30 unique job status and any light combination
and colors.  

Use as a visual display for the plant or as a desktop managerial tool.

Connect one or more HUBs via Wi-Fi for instant web access from any computer or smart device. 

View or download full TR data history to compare and optimize performance, explore key metrics and analytics.

You can receive real-time alerting of job and production status with SMS text and email notifications.

It includes company calendar and password protected access.

Please call 1.800.229.0009 for more information!