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Update Ltd. is a leading distributor of folder parts nationwide for Stahl*, MBO* and Baum folders. With an in-house staff of experts in bindery and paper folding machines, our team can assist you in sourcing the proper parts to keep your machines in working order. We also offer fold roller regrinding and recovery to maximize the life of your machines. If you are experiencing issues with your paper folding machine and need parts or assistance, Update Ltd. is happy to help.


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Worn parts cause wasted time. Peruse our list of replacement parts for Stahl, MBO and Baum folding machines. Update Ltd. is proud to link with these brands, each of which are respected around the globe for their innovation and efficiency.

Most of our parts are organized by the section of your folding machine they belong to. For example, click the “Stacker” section for a collection of belts, blades, electrical components and everything else that belongs to MBO, Baum and Stahl stackers, specifically.

We have parts for the time-saving Rotocrease, as well as heavy-duty Rosback perforators.

In addition to machine parts, you can find consumables like lubrication, sprays and tape for optimal performance. Scroll through “Accessories” for extra needs like gloves, finger grips and pile separators.

Call our knowledgeable staff at Update Ld. for any questions about individual pieces.