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Three Knife Trimmer Blades

Three Knife Trimmer Blades

Here at Update Ltd we strive to provide the highest quality products available. You will definitely notice our attention to this dedication in our knives. Our motivation is not in regrinding services. Our motivation is in supplying a knife that will last longer and assist our customers in becoming more productive. If you haven't already, we strongly recommend you try our paper cutter knives.



Heidelberg / Macey



Muller Martini



Standard Steel

Standard steel is made from economy grade carbon tool steel. This type of material has been used in paper cutting equipment for decades. It's quality is well suited for basic applications.

D-2 High Carbon High Chrome

The D-2 HCHC is a solid steel used only in shearing cuts that consist of upper and lower knives. They are provided as the standard for all bottom knives in our trimmer knife selection and as an option for some of our upper knives. 

High Speed Steel

Our standard high speed steel provides excellent cutting quality and longevity. It's heat treated in a vacuum furnace, which is the most effective method of knife production. It also has a T1 inlay with high tungsten content. We stand confident that you will be thouroughly pleased with the quality of this steel grade.

Fassco High Speed Steel

Fassco is a German based company that manufactures some of the finest quality high speed steel on the market. It will last 3-5x longer than standard steel and has a wider inlay than most other knife companies. A standout feature of this steel is the smooth microfinish applied to the back of the knife. It's friction reducing capabilities increase it's longevity and the quality of it's cut. Learn more.

Megalife Tungsten Carbide

Megalife is manufactured in Germany by Schönenberger; the largest knife manufacturer for printing and post-press in the world. Their material is made from micrograin carbide, which provides extreme hardness. Hands down, this knife will provide you with the longest cutting life of any other knife available (minumum of 6x the life of high speed steel). Learn More.

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