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Blog: Zap Away Static Problems

Blog: Zap Away Static Problems

When Sparks Fly; Tackling Static Electricity Issues

Sure, we love when sparks fly on the Fourth of July, or maybe even after a first date, but the last thing we want are sparks flying during production. Static electricity is a common problem in bindery and printing production that can affect the profitability of machines in a negative and inconvenient way. In order to achieve maximum efficiency and the quickest through-put, it is important to have a basic understanding of static electricity and its effect in order to minimize future problems.  

What is static electricity?

Before we continue, let’s get an idea of what static electricity is and what causes it. So, we’ve heard the term a million times, but what is it exactly? Static is a stationary electric charge built up on an insulating, non-conductive material and is caused by an imbalance of charges between two materials. We see static electricity during storms when there is lightening, we see it when the hair on our heads sticks up in the air, and, when we are unlucky; we see it when we are working with folding machinery.

Static build up frequently occurs during folding processes, as paper continually and rapidly gets fed through the machine. Over time, especially in times where heat is high or humidity is low, static begins to build up from the constant friction and/or physical contact between the paper and the metal machine.

Why is static electricity bad? (Download Static Controls in Printing PDF)

Now let’s address the issue of why and how static electricity negatively affects bindery productivity, specifically when dealing with folding machines. There are three main problem areas in regards to static electricity; feeding, folding and delivery.

When paper is being fed through the machine, static build up can occur which will cause sheets of paper to cling together so more than one piece of paper gets fed through at a time.

In terms of specific folding processes, static can also built up within fold rollers. Static electricity prevents the paper to fully reach the deflector on the back of the fold plate, resulting in short folds and other pesky problems.

Lastly, concerns with delivery can occur. Uneven and/or product clinging can occur along with the additional annoyance of static shocks to your fingers when touching the folder. Those who have experience with these issues know the frustration, as they slow production and decrease profit on your job.

What we have for you!

Fortunately, Update Ltd offers you preventative and guaranteed solutions for your static electricity problems! Our most versatile and recommended static elimination products are the Static Elimination Bars: Model 400T and Model 915 (which require a power supply).  These bars reduce either positive or negative charges between materials eliminating static electricity. Sizing and installation are simple and easy and can be handled without outside assistance.

Update Ltd also offers you Slik Spray, an environmentally safe, microscopic anti-static treatment that reduces static build-up and takes friction to a near-zero level.  Not only does it aid your static reduction needs, it also eases the process with its promise of no sticky residue or buildup left behind and its simplicity of use.

Additional features with the use of Slik Spray; you are able to reduce friction on paper cutter beds, cut down drag on folding operations, clean and reduce the adhesion of most glues on knives, and repel paper dust and ink on impression and transfer cylinders on presses. However, above all, you will successfully eliminate static electricity on your products, ensuring its maximum level of productivity for yielding the best results.

On top of the static elimination bars and Slik Spray, Update Ltd carries various other static reducing products such as tinselstatic string and moreContact Update Ltd now to receive more information on our static reducing products. 


Don't Let Static Electricity Win!

As the season changes, we begin to embrace Fall and all that it comes with. Unfortunately, one unwelcome guest autumn brings is dry air, which means static. As many of us in this industry already know, encountering static electricity is not ideal for it slows and negatively affects production. It is crucial, especially around this time of year, that printing industries prepare for these conditions and have the necessary equipment to help combat static in order to keep machines, equipment, and processes running smoothly.

NEW Ionizing Bars:

Preventing static during production allows you to avoid costly mistakes, wasted resources and slowed production due to jams or papers sticking together. Update Ltd offers a wide variety of products to help you prevent or at the very least diminish the effects of static on equipment, one of which are the new Pulsed DC Ionizing Bars. We offer several versions, all of which are high quality products that yield great results in reducing and eliminating static!

By emitting both positive and negative ions from titanium pins, these Ionizing bars neutralize the charge on the materials you are working with, thus eliminating pesky static electricity. They offer several awesome benefits that make static reduction easy and efficient. One of the greatest features these Ionizing Bars offer is their integrated power supply, which saves you space and time. It allows customers to skip the inconvenient process of wiring and mounting their own Ionizing bars.  Users are also able to make their own adjustments in terms of amount of charge and the rate of ions coming to the titanium pins, which allows individual’s to personalize their process. In addition, these Ionizing bars have alarms that flash green or red informing you of when the pins need to be cleaned. You can do this by simply using a tooth brush and basic alcohol that can be found at CVS.

One of the Ionizing bars available at Update Ltd, the 924IPS Hyperion Pulsed DC Bar, which is the most compact pulsed DC bar on the market. Once again, it has a number of different features including low voltage wiring, a wide range of lengths, shockless titanium emitters, environmental protection and much more. This product is safe, ensures good and long-lasting performance and is very effective making it a great static elimination product. 

Update Ltd also offers the 929IPS Hyperion Mid-Range Pulsed DC ionizing bar that offers powerful ionization. It has several other features as well, such as an adjustable output, which allows more control, shockless titanium emitters for added safety, a T-slot to make mounting easy, and many more! The range in which this Ionizing bar can be used is anywhere from 2 to 20 inches!

Lastly, Update Ltd offers the 971IPS Hyperion Long Range Pulsed DC Bar. This particular Ionizing bar is the latest model for Hyperion Pulsed DC bars and provides excellent long-range ionization. The range in which it can be used is anywhere from 6 to 36 inches! Like the Ionizing bars described above, the 971IPS Hyperion Static Elimination Bar offers the same multitude of benefits for its users.

Overall, these ionizing bars are incredibly powerful and helpful tools for eliminating static, which is vital for operating machinery and equipment, especially around this time of year. Without static elimination products, you are facing the risk of paper sticking together or jamming, which ultimately slows production and wastes time and resources. Check out all of Update Ltd’s static elimination products and find the ones that best suit your needs!

Ionizing bars aren’t the only solution to static elimination needs. One of the most popular static reduction tools used in this industry is tinsel. Tinsel is low cost, low maintenance, and very effective in terms of eliminating and controlling static electricity. Made of 100% high quality copper, tinsel is a self-energizing, induction type static eliminator that offers several benefits. Some of these benefits include the fact that it does not cause sparks, it can be used in hazardous conditions, and it resists breakage, matting and shedding. With fine, sharp copper strands and a core made of copper wire, tinsel is a strong, powerful static electricity elimination tool!


Slik Spray Reminder:
We have reminded you before and we are reminding you yet again – Slik Spray is a must have! It works great for eliminating and controlling static on a variety of surfaces and is also an envirionmentally friendly alternative to other static sprays.