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Case Sealing Belts

Case Sealing Belts

Case Sealers are used in a variety of packaging applications. These machines greatly increase efficiency when taping boxes and cartons for storage or shipment. One of the most important consumables on these machines are the box taper belts, also known as case sealer belts. These are used to convey boxes through the taping process while keeping them sturdy and secure. Consequently, many of the belts used in case sealers require a high grip surface. The most common choice for belting material is PVC, but we also carry PU, Natural Rubber, NBR and other materials. 

Things to consider when choosing a belt: 

Material Joining Method V-Guide
The material you use will be based on application and preference. Refer below for the more common materials and their  technical specifications.  Belts can be prepared endless or with metal lace/clippers that connect ends together. Metal lace makes the change-out process more efficient. Many machines come with pulley slots for the use of a belt V-guide. The V-Guide can be added to the drive side of the belt to improve tracking.

Give us a call for your case sealer belting needs. Specify the length and properties stated above and we can save you money on the belts you're buying now. We can provide belting for many machine brands including 3M, Bestpack, Intertape, Little David, Loveshaw and more.


Material: PVC Black Rough Top
Number of Fabrics: 1
Belt Thickness: 5.8mm (0.23 in.)
Min. Pulley Diameter: 79mm (3.10 in.)
Temp. Range: -10° to 180° F
Anti-Static: No

Material: EDPM Black Grip Structure
Number of Fabrics: 2
Belt Thickness: 5.2mm (0.20 in.)
Min. Pulley Diameter: 60mm (2.36 in.)
Temp Range: -22° to 212° F
Anti-Static: Yes

Material: PVC Anthracite Grip Structure
Number of Fabrics: 2
Belt Thickness: 4.4mm (0.17 in.)
Min. Pulley Diameter: 50mm (1.97 in.)
Temp. Range: 14° to 140° F
Anti-Static: Yes

Material: NBR Green Grip Structure
Number of Fabrics: 2
Belt Thickness: 5.8mm (0.23 in.)
Min. Pulley Diameter: 80mm (3.15 in.)
Temp. Range: 32° to 212° F
Anti-Static: Yes

Material: PVC Dark Green Jink Wave
Number of Fabrics: 2
Belt Thickness: 5.5mm (0.22 in.)
Min. Pulley Diameter: 60mm (2.36 in.)
Temp. Range: 14° to 158° F
Anti-Static: Yes

Material: PVC Black Rough Top
Number of Fabrics: 1
Belt Thickness: 5.7mm (0.22 in.)
Min. Pulley Diameter: 71mm (2.80 in.)
Temp. Range: -10° to 158° F
Anti-Static: No