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After a very long editing and design process, we have officially completed the 2017/2018 Update Ltd catalog and sent it out in the mail. We are very excited about the changes we've made and products we've added so be sure to give it a good look! Please contact us with any questions or comments. Happy browsing!

This water-based, environmentally friendly solution leaves your surfaces feeling silky smooth while reducing friction to a near-zero level, thus creating a more workable surface for your cutting processes.

Static electricity is a common problem in bindery and printing production that can affect the profitability of machines in a negative and inconvenient way.

As the season changes, we begin to embrace Fall and all that it comes with. Unfortunately, one unwelcome guest autumn brings is dry air, which means static. Prepare for it now with Update Ltd products!

Update Ltd understands the importance of glue, one of this industry's most useful and multipurpose products, which is why we provide such a wide variety for our customers. From hot melts, to water-based glues, to Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives, we have a large selection of high quality adhesives for your convenience.

Basics on Stahl Fold Rollers & Gripping

In the world of folding, good, positive gripping is key. Without it, productivity will suffer and waste becomes costly. It is beneficial for you to educate yourself of the different gripping patterns so you can get a better idea of the performance and wear you are searching for.

Have you heard about the CHT process yet?

Not only is it effective in prolonging the life of your drills, but it also increases production and reduces spoilage. It has proved itself to be a must have product that any bindery or print finishing operator could benefit from.