Basics on Stahl* Fold Rollers & Gripping

In the world of folding, good, positive gripping is key. Without it, productivity will suffer and waste becomes costly. It is beneficial for you to educate yourself on the different gripping patterns so you can get a better idea of the performance and wear you are searching for.

In regards to Stahl* rollers, there are three main styles that are the most popular and commonly used; the standard urethane pattern, the super grip with soft PU pattern, and the super grip pattern with urethane.

Standard urethane pattern: The steel section between the urethane bands is wider than the individual bands. This style of roller was used by the OEM for many years.

Super grip pattern with soft polyurethane: The steel section between the soft PU band is narrower than the individual soft PU bands. This allows for the soft PU bands to overlap, allowing for greater grip on the sheet. The soft polyurethane is great at gripping slippery stocks. The material is soft like a sponge so it will wear quickly if the rollers are not set properly.

Super grip pattern with urethane: This style roller offers the benefits of soft PU with improved longevity. Out of all of Stahl* fold roller patterns, this one provides the best compromise for a casting roller with superior grip.

We also supply the Stahl* style roller with a spiral urethane pattern. This pattern provides the maximum amount of surface area between the stock and the gripping surface of the roller.

In addition to our fold rollers, we offer Stahl* roller recovery options for when, or if, your fold rollers need maintenance. In order to decide if you are interested in repairing them, you should consider the following:

  • The steel of the roller is excessively worn
  • You can be without your folder for the period of recovery
  • If price is a consideration

Our repair services are an economical way to return life to your folder by recovering or regrinding your existing fold rollers, giving your machine increased longevity. Our recovery process starts with inspecting the rollers to see if the recovery is warranted. If it is, the rollers will be stripped, cleaned, and straightened and new urethane will be applied. The roller will then be given a finished grind, with the last step being the final inspection.

The softer the urethane, the stronger the grip. However, softer urethane also means it wears quicker. For coated stocks, the super grip rollers work best due to the superior grip it has on the slippery paper.

MBO* Style Fold Rollers

Differing from the Stahl* fold rollers which have a banded pattern, MBO* style fold rollers have a spiral pattern so they can only be reground, not recovered.

We service Baum, MBO, Stahl, H&H and Vijuk fold rollers. Please call us at 1.800.229.0009 for more information!