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Stitcher Head Repairs

At Update Ltd, we care about the condition of your stitcher heads. With over 20 years of experience in stitcher head repairs, you can trust that they will be fixed properly, carefully and efficiently.  Call us today about our services!

Hohner Heads: $80 labor + parts
Acme Champion / Magnatek / M2000:  $80 labor + parts
Muller Martini Heads / Osako / G5 / G8 / G20 / 18D: $130 labor + parts

Step 1
Each head is completely disassembled and cleaned.
Step 2
Each part is carefully inspected in order to spot worn, broken and/or missing parts.
Step 3
The head is lubricated, reassembled and tested. 

We Can Repair the Following Stitcher Heads:

hohner logo
43/6 (S) 48/5 (S) 52/8 (S) 70/20 M50/8 M45/6 HK 75 (V)
DB 75 (V)
HK 45 (V)
DB 45 (V)


18D G5 G8 G20  

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