Give your machine extra life by recovering or regrinding your EXISTING fold rollers!

Stahl* Roller Recovery (actual before and after photos of same rollers)

What is the Stahl* roller recovery process?

  • Incoming rollers are inspected to see if recovery is warranted. (excessive journal or knurl wear generally make the roller not a candidate for recovery)
  • Rollers are stripped and cleaned
  • New urethane is applied (this is the same material used on new rollers)
  • Roller is straightened and ground
  • Final inspection
After going through the Update Ltd recovery process

MBO* Roller Regrind (MBO* B26 shown)

What is the MBO* roller regrind process?

  • Incoming rollers are inspected to see if regrinding is possible. (excessive journal wear or roller body wear generally makes roller non-repairable)
  • Roller is straightened and reground to manufacturer's specifications
  • New bearings are installed
  • Final inspection
Before Regrind
After Regrind

Transport Collar and Pullout Tire Recovery