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Static ionizing bars serve the purpose of neutralizing static charges, effectively averting both electrostatic attraction of particles and electrostatic discharge. They offer a cost-efficient method to eliminate static electricity from various materials including paper, plastic, packaging materials, glass, textiles, and film. Use static eliminator bars in many applications, including printing, packaging, film production, coating, and converting operations. 

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Takk 400T Short-Range AC Ionizing Bar
Meech 24V DC 15W Switchmode Supply & IEC Cable w/ 2m M8 4 Pole Output Cable
  • $110.00 /EACH
  • List price $110.00 /EACH
  • EACH
  • Availability: In stock
Power Cable 4 Pin M8 - 2m For Use With 924, & 960 IPS Ionizing Bars
  • $31.00 /EACH
  • List price $31.00 /EACH
  • EACH
  • Availability: In stock
Takk Model 3700SC DC Controller
Meech Hyperion BarMaster Programmer
  • $686.00 /EACH
  • List price $686.00 /EACH
  • EACH
  • Availability: Available to Order