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Case Seal Machines

Box Tapers are essential to have on hand if you need to pack many boxes of different sizes. They create neat and uniform tape seals over any type of carton. Our case sealers are easy to use and take minutes to adjust for the height and width of many different sized boxes. With a plug-in and go operation, heavy duty casters, and no air requirement, these case sealers are easy to position anywhere in your operation.

The sealers come with different belt positions. See the benefits of each:

Bottom Belt Sealers: The bottom drive is great for heavier or shorter box sizes.

Side Belt Sealers: The SB-2EX’s side belts are great for light or heavy weight, narrow or small boxes. It is ideal for void-fill cases where the packaged product does not support the box.

Top & Bottom Belt Sealers: These sealers utilize top and bottom drives and a dual mast for greater tape head stability. It is ideal for tall and narrow or over-filled cases.

Side & Top Belt Sealers: Top and side belts are great for over-sized, heavy weight cases that are too large for most case sealing equipment.

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