Revolutionizing Packaging with Banding Machinery

In the modern packaging landscape, the focus is increasingly shifting towards sustainable and efficient solutions. Banding machines, particularly those utilizing ultrasonic technology, are at the forefront of this shift. Companies like ATS offer a variety of banding machinery that not only enhance productivity but also embrace environmental stewardship. Read more

L-Sealers 101

L-Sealers 101 L-sealers are used every day in manufacturing facilities all over the world to help secure and protect products of all shapes and sizes. Manual and automatic L-sealers are available in various configurations ranging in size and sealing ability. Read more

Avoiding Cheap Rotary Pump Vanes

Rotary vane pumps are a necessity for most pressrooms, binderies, packaging operations, and many other industrial applications. They provide the vacuum or compression needed to move, pick or lift products and materials. When a pump goes down, so does the whole operation. One of the main reasons for this to occur is a failure of the vanes inside the pump. The vanes are essential for the pump to function properly and replacing them can create unnecessary downtime. By saving money on cheap vanes, you're actually costing yourself in the long run. Read more

Update LTD: Your Premier Challenge Machinery Parts Dealer

For many in the paper and printing industry, the word “challenge” doesn’t just mean an issue that came up during the production process, but it means something completely different that isn’t associated with causing issues at all. Read more

Selecting the Right Shrink Wrap for Product Packaging

Flexible packaging solutions such as shrink wrap provide many benefits to the packaging industry. For any consumer product, it is crucial to make sure that it is properly packaged and sealed to protect the product for mass distribution. Read more

Avoiding Wrinkles in Your Folding Machine

When first operating a folding machine, it is common that you may run into a few issues, wrinkles being one of them. A folded sheet of paper may come out of the folding machine with a few wrinkles and while this can be frustrating, luckily it can easily be avoided. Read more

Different Paper Drill Bit Styles & Tips for Longevity

Paper drilling has become a lifesaver for those in the printing industry. Thanks to paper drilling machines, drilling holes in paper for binding purposes has become extremely efficient and high-speed. Read more

Selecting The Right Vacuum Cup For Your Application

How Vacuum Cups Work For Material Handling Vacuum cups are used in many industries, including packaging, printing, food, & beverage. Also known as suction cups, they make the perfect handling device on both manual and automatic types of machinery. Read more

Tips For Maintaining Corner Rounders

Corner rounders are great for giving your print projects the perfect finished look with smooth, round corners. The world of print production has become more personalized over time, requiring special equipment to get the finished look you want. Read more

Trimmer Knife Lifespan For Guillotine Paper Cutters

The quality of a print booklet is often determined by the quality of the paper used and the smoothness of its edges. For paper edges that are seamless and exact, guillotine paper cutters are high-performing machines that can cut paper of many stocks at a relatively high speed. Read more

Characteristics of Quality Stitching Wire

Used all over the commercial printing industry, stitching wire is present in saddle stitching, side stitching, loop stitching, booklet making, corner stitching, and inline press stitching. Read more

EVA Binding vs. PUR Binding

Adhesive application is a crucial step in the binding process, as it dictates the longevity of the book and its pages. The glue is often applied to the spine of softcover and hardcover books, and the type of adhesive glue makes more of a difference than one might think. Read more

Overcoming Perfect Binding Challenges

It’s no question as to why many have resorted to perfect binding for their publication projects. It’s quicker, easier, and more affordable! Read more

How To Create Durable Softcover Books

When deciding which style of book to produce, there are many factors to consider – page count, durability, cost… the list goes on. For those wanting books that are long-lasting and durable, hardcovers are the best option. Read more

Drilling Tips

Tips to keep your drilling operations running smoothly. Read more

The Basics of Scoring

To help you brush up on your knowledge of scores, we have provided a list of the four basic types of scoring in the bindery and finishing industry. Read More

Update Ltd's Cutting Accessories

Protection, efficiency, and high productivity are incredibly important in the bindery and print finishing industry. Read more

Folder Maintenance Tips

Here are some helpful maintenance tips for you and your folding needs. Read more

Fold Roller Repair

Fold rollers are imperative for so many operations within the printing industry, which means optimal performance from them is crucial.  Read more

Get Even More Out of Slik Spray

This water-based, environmentally friendly solution leaves your surfaces feeling silky smooth while reducing friction to a near-zero level, thus creating a more workable surface for your cutting processes. Read more

When Sparks Fly; Tackling Static Electricity Issues

Static electricity is a common problem in bindery and printing production that can affect the profitability of machines in a negative and inconvenient way. Read more

Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives

Update Ltd understands the importance of glue, one of this industry's most useful and multipurpose products, which is why we provide such a wide variety for our customers. From hot melts to water-based glues, to Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives, we have a large selection of high-quality adhesives for your convenience. Read more

Basics on Fold Rollers & Gripping

In the world of folding, good, positive gripping is key. Without it, productivity will suffer and waste becomes costly. It is beneficial for you to educate yourself on the different gripping patterns so you can get a better idea of the performance and wear you are searching for. Read more

Drilling the Competition with the CHT Process

Not only is it effective in prolonging the life of your drills, but it also increases productivity and reduces spoilage. It has proved itself to be a must-have product that any bindery or print finishing operator could benefit from. Read more

Hot Melts vs. Water-based Glues

Hot melts are perhaps our most versatile glue product. They often provide fast bonding, are multipurpose, and are low cost. Hot melts are great for a variety of industries and applications including bookbinding, packaging, product assembly, fulfillment, and more. Read more

Get to Know Our Tapes

Tape is a highly functional tool used for a variety of things. With the many ways in which it is used in this industry, we thought it would be a good idea to inform you of the tapes we offer! Read more

EZ Loader

The safety and well-being of workers in the workplace in this type of industry is a very important issue that seems to be threatened every day. The physical stress exerted from lifting such heavy and cumbersome equipment and having to stand for long periods of time can become detrimental to your body over time. Read more

Update Ltd Catalogs; Believing in the Power of Paper

I’m just going to say what we’re all thinking: if it weren’t for paper, much of the human race wouldn’t have a job.

And yes, that statement is true, but it’s definitely not the only reason Update Ltd loves paper!

Paper, print and binding have been around for thousands of years, proving themselves to be some of the most impactful and useful inventions and processes to this day. From images engraved on stone, to handwritten words scribed onto paper scrolls, to today, with our graphically appealing and innovative books and printed pieces, our world has developed tremendously over the years. Read more

Humble Beginnings; the Start of Update Ltd

It started in a small basement. One man with a passion for business and the courage to follow his dream single-handedly started one of the larger and most trusted bindery supply companies in the basement of his own Minnesota home. Update Ltd, a successful and well-known business specializing in the sale of bindery and finishing parts, made its first appearance in April of 1982. Read more