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Stitcher Trimmer Knives

We supply saddle stitch trimmer knives for almost any saddle stitcher trimmer available. This includes stitcher machines from Muller Martini, Heidelberg, Macey, Sheridan, Harris, Consolidated, Osako and more. Most of our knives are manufactured by Fassco, a German based company with industry leading quality standards. Give us a call for any stitcher trimmer knives you don't see here and we can help you find them.

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Duplo DBM 100T Trimmer Knives
Duplo DBM 120T Trimmer Knives
Duplo DBM 350T Trimmer Knives
Duplo DC 8000 Trimmer Knives
Duplo DC 10000 Trimmer Knives
Duplo DKT 200 Trimmer Knives