Fold Roller Repair at Update Ltd

Fold rollers are imperative for so many operations within the printing industry, which means optimal performance from them is crucial. Avoid future complications during production and keep your rollers moving with Update Ltd’s roller recovery and regrind services!

Through precision machining and using top-quality urethane, we work hard to repair MBO* and Stahl* fold rollers successfully. All materials used throughout the recovery and regrind process are chemically matched to OEM, which means high-quality products at value pricing.

Our first step is to inspect the incoming rollers to see if recovery is warranted. The roller may not qualify as a candidate for recovery if it has suffered excessive journal or knurl wear. Rollers are then stripped and cleaned in preparation for adding the urethane.

Update Ltd chooses to do things a little differently than competitors. Oftentimes, the entire roller is dipped in urethane and then ground down. Instead, we cut the urethane into bands and apply them manually while making sure to maintain the original specs of the groove width. This results in a more precise finish with a greater resemblance to its original form. New bearings are installed and then, once complete, the rollers undergo a final inspection.

We don’t offer an exchange program, so the rollers you send in will be the exact rollers you get back (just in better condition, of course!). Once the job is complete, each roller is ground to the specs of a brand-new roller.

We take our time in our repair services and ensure high quality. Still, we know how important rollers are for production which is why we make sure they’re completed in a timely manner.

Because excessive wear can deem a roller too worn to recover, it’s very important that you send in your damaged rollers sooner rather than later!

Our labor services are not the only method available for roller repair. Other options we offer for damaged rollers are MBO* style repair kits and Stahl* style rebuild kits, which are more economical than individual parts. We have kits for popular machines in stock for quick delivery. All styles of rollers are available or made for any machine or folder model.

*To insure you get the proper parts, please provide us with the model, station, serial numbers, and number of fold plates when ordering or requesting a quote.