Folder Maintenance Tips

We understand the importance of keeping your folders running smoothly and in great condition. Here are some helpful maintenance tips for you and  your folding needs:

Inspect Belts
  • Check for burn spots on your main flat drive belts, which are specific to MBO fold rollers. These are found in areas where a pulley has spun for a long period of time and is usually caused by a paper jam.  This is a weak spot where the belt will eventually break.

  • For infeed belts, inspect underneath the marble signal guide for torn, frayed edges or when the fabric inside the belt is visible.

  • Poly V belts are drive belts with multiple groves. Be sure to check for cracks or breaks.

  • Stacker Belts are the most visible and it is obvious if they are worn out.

  • MBO Perfection Vacuum Belts are belts with holes in them. Although they may appear to be fine, these belts do wear down and lose their sponge/grip effect. Because of this, it is good to replace them every 2-3 years. The improvement in the suction of a new belt will be quite noticeable.

Inspect Rollers
  • Folder rollers tend to wear in the middle where most paper travels through the machine.

  • To check for wear: Set all rollers sets for one sheet. With a single strip of paper, check the tension or grip of each roller gap from the middle of the roller out to the edge as you would set the roller.

  • The roller is worn when even tension from the middle to the edge of the roller is not achieved.

  • Worn rollers can be upgraded by replacing them with new, recovering (Stahl, Baum) or regrinding (MBO) rollers. MBO can be ground only once and recovering is not recommended

  • Update has the highest quality new rollers, made with the hardest steel and long-lasting urethane for your MBO, Stahl, Baum, or Vijuk Folders.

Vacuum/Blow out Rollers & Filters
  • First, remove the side covers from your fold roller. After removing the side covers, blow or vacuum roller hangers to keep them free moving. Grease or replace grease canister (Perma Lube) on Stahl Folders.

  • Blow out pump filters. Be sure to replace them if they are older than 3 years (some folders have 2 pumps).

The maintenance of your folder is very important for productivity and must be kept up in order to get the greatest results possible from your machines. Fortunately, Update Ltd has all of the parts necessary for proper folder maintenance, such as belts, filters, grease canisters, rollers, bearings, and more.