Get Even More Out of Slik Spray

Did You Know?

As mentioned in our static blog, Slik Spray is an excellent asset in the printing and bindery industry, even for your knife and blade needs. It’s truly no surprise that people often mistake Slik Spray for “Silk Spray”. This water-based, environmentally friendly solution leaves your surfaces feeling silky smooth while reducing friction to a near-zero level and eliminating static electricity. Slik Spray, with its simple spray bottle design, is a must-have product in more ways than one.

It was designed back when aerosols were propelled by harmful CFCs and were present in silicone, which was harmful to the ozone. Slik Spray is the perfect solution to this problem! It contains no propelling agents at all, setting it apart from the crowd. Because 100% of the contents of the bottle are usable, it makes for a much more economical product than aerosols.

USER TIP: Be sure to always buff well with a rag after applying Slik Spray. This will prevent rusting on your surfaces.

This product is designed for the printing industry. Therefore, it works great for the following purposes.

  • Reducing friction on paper cutter beds
  • Repelling paper dust and ink on impression and transfer cylinders on presses
  • Cutting down drag on folding operations
  • Cleaning and reducing adhesion of most bindery glues on paper knives

Protection, proficiency, and high productivity are incredibly important in the bindery and print finishing industry, especially when using knives. Update Ltd strives to guarantee that those three expectations are met using our products and supplies.