How To Create Durable Softcover Books

When deciding which style of book to produce, there are many factors to consider – page count, durability, cost… the list goes on. For those wanting books that are long-lasting and durable, hardcovers are the best option. Pages are sewn into a firm spine and covered with paper board, protecting the inside from wear and tear. It’s no question as to how hardcover books last so long.

With that being said, the cost of creating a hardcover book is much higher than other types which is why many use paperback books as an alternative. Paperback books, also known as perfectly bound or softcover books, don’t match up to the durability of hardcovers but can be made for a fraction of the cost. Perfect bound softcover books are bound with glue and have gained popularity, becoming one of the most common types of books produced. 

If you decide to save yourself time and money with the softcover route, rest assured and know that there are ways to still increase the durability and lifespan of these books. When producing your softcover book, make sure your book printer can perform the following:

PUR Binding – PUR Binding, also known as Polyurethane Reactive Binding, is a method where the pages and cover of a book are glued together at the spine and are trimmed at the edges for a clean finish. PUR adhesive spine glue is the most durable book binding glue available and is the best option for perfect bound books as it prevents the spine from creasing and tearing. The quality of this adhesive will greatly enhance the flexibility and durability of books, making it nearly impossible to pull pages out. Between Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and Polyurethane Reactive (PUR), PUR adhesive is by far the better option in terms of increasing the longevity of a book. For your next perfect binding project, purchase our PUR adhesive to extend the lifespan of your softcovers!

Laminated Cardstock Cover – The cover plays a huge role in protecting the pages of a book and the thicker the cover, the more protection it provides. Plastic lamination is the best way to prevent softcovers from wrinkles, tears, creases, and dirt. Usually water resistant, your book cover will be free of stains and marks. The card stock paper will provide extra thickness for increased strength and protect the inside pages from general wear and tear. For perfectly bound books, it’s worth your time to invest in the best cover options and we believe that laminated cardstock will provide your book with optimal protection.

While your paperback book may not totally be as strong as a hardcover, these are just a couple of ways to increase the life span of your book without breaking the bank. We also know that the quality of your perfect binding machine can greatly affect the quality of your finished product. At Update Ltd we carry a variety of replacement parts for perfect binding machines to help you complete the heaviest-duty print projects. Contact us today.

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