Tips for Maintaining Corner Rounders

Corner rounders are great for giving your print projects the perfect finished look with smooth, round corners. The world of print production has become more personalized over time, requiring special equipment to get the finished look you want. Basic paper cutting, while still prevalent in the printing industry, is no longer the only option. For a unique look, corner rounding is the way to go.

Corner rounding paper cutters can cut paper of many stocks to the perfect roundness that you desire. For more simplified projects, a manual desktop model is ideal while larger electronic models can be used to help you handle mass print production. In this article, we’ll be focusing on larger corner rounder machines as they can often be misused by those who operate them. Below we provide some tips for general upkeep to make sure your corner rounding machine is functioning at its best.

  1. Make sure your paper stack is not too thick for your die
    The size of the paper die dictates the amount of paper you can cut at once. Many operators make the mistake of overloading their die with too large of a paper stack. However, certain machines are made to handle larger loads of paper, and an example would be a heavy-duty electric corner rounder, which can cut 700 sheets of 20 lb paper.

  2. Empty your waste tray
    All paper rounder cutters have a waste tray where scraps of trimmed paper get dropped into. If this waste tray does not get cleaned out regularly, it can cause backup and damage to your blades. After each use, empty your waste tray to avoid this problem and to keep your blades in good shape.

  3. Don’t use your paper die on metal
    Often done for signage production, people misuse their paper die on metal, which is not recommended. If you are looking to perform corner rounding on a metal sign, you should find the correct machine and die for that specific application. Paper dies should only be used on paper, and if used on tougher materials, can cause the die to break and wither. Make sure your equipment is being fed with the right materials.

  4. Sharpen your blades
    Speaking of blades, the sharpness of the paper cutters will obviously make a huge impact on the finished product. Getting your blades sharpened professionally requires removing them from the machine and sending them out for sharpening. Sharp blades allow projects to run faster and for the finished product to be trimmed to perfection.

  5. Better yet… replace your blades
    Another option for keeping blades in their best condition is to replace them. Purchasing and replacing corner cutter blades can be done for about the same price as getting them sharpened, without the extra hassle. At Update Ltd, we carry a variety of replacement blades for round corner cutters.

For business cards or other print projects with round corners, look through our selection of corner rounders and replacement blades to help you get the job done! Contact us today to purchase.