Update Ltd Catalogs; Believing in the Power of Paper

As a company, we truly believe in the power of paper and print. And if you’re taking the time to read this blog, there’s a very good chance you do too.

We like to show our appreciation for print through our yearly Update Ltd catalogs, which have been a successful attribute to the company. Despite the time and energy we put into designing and creating our awesome, new website, this is our way of actively choosing to continue supporting the printing and binding industry (besides the fact that paper is pretty much our job). After 25 years and our 23rd catalog currently in print, we’ve made a promise to continue putting out new and improved catalogs year after year showcasing all of our long-standing and upcoming products for your convenience, all while supporting paper.

Not only are we a paper-loving company, but we are also your unlimited source for finishing and bindery parts and equipment. From folder parts to knife accessories, we’ve got all the high-quality and affordable products for your finishing and bindery needs.

Here is a list of the basic categories of products in which we sell:

Bindery & Finishing



Belt Fabrication

Corner Rounding







Paper Cutters

Perfect Binding


Static Control




Tools & Utilities

BeltsBox Stitching

Case Sealers

Hygenic ScrapersShrink WrappersVacuum Cups

These catalogs are unique to Update Ltd. We pride ourselves in the effort and time we put into creating these catalogs, striving to make them as high quality, convenient and informative as possible for our customers.

Paper is amazing. Our job is to remind people of this every day.