Update Ltd’s Cutting Products & Accessories

Caring for your knives is key for both peak performance and safety precautions. Update Ltd offers you several solutions with our high-quality knife accessories.

Guard You and Your Knives With Our Knife Guard!

No matter what you’re cutting, you and your blades need protection.

When using knives, you must take precautions in order to prevent bodily injuries, which brings us to our first recommended knife accessory; the knife guard. This guard offers great protection when transporting knives, adds protection while servicing machines, and has a magnetic strip that holds the guard firmly in place. The knife guard and all of its features are Update Ltd’s way of ensuring the safety of knife users by greatly reducing the risk of injury when using or transporting blades.

The safety of users, although most important, should not be your only concern in terms of safety. Protecting your knife is also imperative. Neglecting to do so will result in your blade dulling or getting ruined, which will affect productivity. The knife guard allows you to protect your knives in more ways than one, which is all the more reason to purchase one!

Why Do You Need a Mag Pad?

What really makes magnetic clamp pads useful is the protection they provide. For just a few dollars you can put the Mag Pad to work protecting your delicate paper stocks from cutter clamp marks and damage. The durable magnetic rubber surface on one side holds the pad securely in the position of the clamp while cutting and the high-density foam pad prevents sharp edges of the clamp fingers from marking stock. The safety of your paper stocks is important. It saves time and money and keeps production running smoothly, which are all very important factors in the bindery and print finishing industries.

Now, let’s take a break from safety and discuss convenience and productivity...

Organizing Paper with Jogger Blocks

For those of you in this industry that deal with paper every day, you know firsthand how finicky machines and equipment can be. The slightest mistake can completely slow production and/or waste materials. 

Jogger blocks help straighten out your stacks of paper when placing them under paper knives before they are fed through. They’re durable, heavy-duty, and get the job done; making sure your paper is cut properly and precisely. They also have magnetic strips on the bottom of the base to ensure that the jogger block clings to the metal so it can properly organize every last piece of paper.

Say goodbye to disordered stacks of paper! 

How the Angle Guide, Book Guide, and Polar Pressure Control Pedal Can Help You

The angle guide is used to angle large stacks of paper for perfect corner cutting. It allows you to successfully cut corners off of giant stacks with ease, precision, and efficiency.

The Book Guide and Book Holddown are essentially the same thing and help solve the same problem. When you push the paper into the knife, the ends of the paper tend to crumple or “ fluff up”. These tools help to compress and guide the paper through the cutter against the false clamp in the back. These tools, similar to the angle guide, help for efficient and precise cutting, making sure your cuts are exact and clear-cut with clean edges.

The Pedal Pressure Control Pedal, which is only compatible with other Polar machines, is a pressure set handle, or “foot pedal”, that fits all models of Polar cutters. It is made of cast aluminum and has a reference scale riveted to the face. However, you may find more success with the replacement models for they tend to be of higher quality and work better, overall.

Did You Know?

As mentioned in our static blog, Slik Spray is a great asset in the bindery for your knife and blade needs. It’s truly no surprise that people often mistake Slik Spray for “Silk Spray”. This water-based, environmentally friendly solution leaves your surfaces feeling silky smooth while reducing friction to a near-zero level and eliminating static electricity. Slik Spray, with its simple spray bottle design, is a must-have product in more ways than one.

It was designed back when aerosols were propelled by harmful CFC’s and were present in silicone, which was harmful to the ozone. Slik Spray is the perfect solution to this problem! It contains no propelling agents at all, setting it apart from the crowd. Because 100% of the contents of the bottle are usable, it makes for a much more economical product than aerosols.

USER TIP: Be sure to always buff well with a rag after applying Slik Spray. This will prevent rusting on your surfaces.

This product is designed for the printing industry. Therefore, it works great for the following purposes.

  • Reducing friction on paper cutter beds.
  • Repelling paper dust and ink on impression and transfer cylinders on presses
  • Cutting down drag on folding operations
  • Cleaning and reducing adhesion of most bindery glues on paper knives

Protection, efficiency, and high productivity are incredibly important in the bindery and print finishing industry, especially when using knives. Update Ltd strives to guarantee that those three expectations are met with the use of our cutting products and supplies.