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Truescore-Pro Quad HD Cover Score

The Truescore-Pro Quad HD Cover Scoring System is designed for high volume production of perfectly scored covers. The system installs easily on your binders cover feeder, replacing the existing scoring heads. Simple to use and fast to set up. Create deep, perfect scores on any material, even digitally printed, laminated, and UV coated covers.

  • Crack-free covers every time
  • Quick set-up. No need to remove heads to replace score discs.
  • Low cost/highly durable replacement parts
  • Ideal for digitally printed stock
  • Works with tandem 30mm shafts
  • Spine to hinge width adjustable from 4mm to 11mm in 1mm increments

Used mainly on Muller Martini Perfect Binders including, but not limited to:
Acoro - Bolero - Corona - Monostar - Normbinder - Starbinder - Starplus

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Truescore Pro Quad Hd Cover Score Kit, 30mm Tandem Shafts
  • $2,875.00 /EACH
  • List price $2,875.00 /EACH
  • EACH
  • Availability: Available to Order
Male Scoring Disc (Black) 30mm
  • $58.00 /EACH
  • List price $58.00 /EACH
  • EACH
  • Availability: In stock
Male Scoring Disc (Red) 30mm TS30-024
  • $58.00 /EACH
  • List price $58.00 /EACH
  • EACH
  • Availability: In stock