FASSCO High Speed Steel (F-3000) Advantages
  • Every high speed steel knife is made with a T1 inlay, which is made of 18% Tungsten (one of the hardest materials on Earth).
  • Every knife is heated in a Vacuum Furnace. In a step so crucial to the knife hardening process, this is key. In a vacuum furnace, temperature stays uniform, air cleanliness is uncomprimised and the heating process can be timed perfectly. 
  • Every FASSCO knife is 3x tempered. This adds more time to the production process, but it allows the knife to harden more so than other knife manufacturers do.
  • The meticulous steps taken during heating, quenching and tempering eliminate extra time spent in the future trying to hone a knife because of the uniformity of it's surface.
  • FASSCO manufactures their knives exactly to OEM specifications. This includes the angle of the bevel. Many companies try to speed the production process by standardizing these knife angles. This in turn creates a lower quality cut in machines not intended for them.
  • Lastly, FASSCO applies a smooth microfinish on the back of all of it's knives. This microfinish surpasses the friction reducing capabilities of any OEM knife. Consequently, this allows for a longer lasting and more effective cutting tool.