Which Glue Is Right For You? Glue Dot® Brand Adhesives.

Update Ltd understands the importance of glue, one of this industry’s most useful and multipurpose products, which is why we provide such a wide variety for our customers. From hot melts to water-based glues, to Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives, we have a large selection of high-quality glues for your convenience. Though glue may seem like a very simple, basic product to the eye, those working in this industry know firsthand how many different types of glue there actually are, as well as which specific types work best for particular jobs. Because of the several types of glues out there and their multitude of purposes, this quick refresher on the glues Update Ltd provides should help!

Update LTD’s Glue - Glue Dots® permanent adhesives:

Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives are great products that provide fast and easy gluing, achieving an instant bond without the mess associated with liquid and hot melt glues. Glue Dots® can be applied manually using Glue Dots® patented Dispenser Box or with Glue Dots® hand-held, semi-automated application equipment like the Dot Shot Pro, Econodot, and the Quick Dot Pro. Glue Dots® offers an array of adhesive strengths/ tack levels ranging from removable to permanent and are available in a variety of thicknesses/profiles, diameters, and shapes. Glue Dots® has proven to be very useful in the bindery, print finishing, and fulfillment departments of the print industry.

Glue Dots® removable adhesives are great for high and low-volume value-added assembly projects such as applying; credit cards, gift cards, promotional items, coupons, and samples to mailers, brochures, and other substrates. In addition, Glue Dots® permanent adhesives can be used to assemble sample boxes, trays, prototypes, and products that require hand assembly.

Glue Dots® ATD 7100 and QDP 8100 are permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesives that can be used as an alternative to double-sided tape.   They were developed specifically for the repair of damaged chipboard containers, but have recently been adopted by the print industry for use in the value-added assembly of chipboard, SBS, corrugated components, and a variety of substrates. ATD 7100 and QDP 8100 have been known to work on UV-coated boards when other adhesives have failed and, as mentioned before, ATD 7100 and QDP 8100 can provide an economical alternative to expensive, double-sided adhesive transfer tapes.

ATD 7100 rolls are 42 yards in length containing 2,700 patterns per roll versus the standard 36-yard rolls that are common among transfer tapes, while QDP 8100 rolls are approximately 12 yards in length and contain 600 patterns per roll. These adhesives offer several benefits to users in comparison to other adhesives, such as the fact that the patterns on these adhesives are twice as thick as most adhesive transfer tapes averaging 10 mils and 11 mils thick, respectively.   ATD 7100 and QDP 8100 consist of discrete rectangular adhesive patterns on a silicon release liner which can be applied cleanly, easily, and efficiently using Glue Dots® Dot Shot Pro® and QuikDot Pro® applicators.  

Update Ltd’s Glue Dots® Applicators:

A relatively new addition to Update Ltd’s line of Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives for the printing industry is the MatrX®.   The MatrX® adhesive, a continuous pattern of pressure-sensitive adhesive microdots, is available in ¼” large and ½” large widths in both permanent and removable formulas. In addition to the ATD 7100 and QDP 8100, the MatrX® provides another clear solution to transfer tape.

Nearly all Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives can be applied quickly, easily, and efficiently with Glue Dots® Dot Shot Pro®  hand-held applicator. The Dot Shot Pro® has a fast loading design, and an internal winding system and is lightweight, ergonomically correct, and industrial grade. The Dot Shot Pro®  is ideal for packaging, printing and bindery, mail and fulfillment, material handling, and more.

The Auto Dot Pro® bench-top dispenser keeps production lines moving and minimizes downtime. Versatile and easy to use with continuous speed operation and multiple adhesive pattern presentation, the Auto Dot Pro® accelerates your production.  It has easy-to-use automation and design, giving you an efficient way to increase productivity and minimize downtime. It dispenses up to 60 Glue Dots® per minute and accommodates up to 4,000-count Glue Dots® rolls.

*Warning: Due to the many variables in papers, inks, and coatings (i.e. ink bleeds, fuser oils, UV coating, etc.), you are at risk of not achieving proper adhesion. Therefore, testing glues before use is of the utmost importance. Glues not previously tested and sent overnight for an immediate job cannot be guaranteed to work. We are happy to provide glue samples for testing purposes.