905 Power Unit 5kV 60Hz
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905 Power Unit 5kV 60Hz

Part Number: 905

Crafted as a constant voltage power supply, the Model 905 is tailored to furnish a 5kV source for Meech AC ionizing equipment. Its adaptability extends to operating at input voltages of 100-120V or 200-240V, and it is offered in both 50Hz and 60Hz versions to accommodate local conditions.

Distinguished by a modified output waveform shape, the 905 is ingeniously designed for automated production, enhancing reliability and extending the product's lifespan. Additionally, it features a low voltage jack socket for seamless connection with the Model 900vs2.

 Technical Information
Weight: 7.5 lbs. 
Dimensions: 150mm x 130mm x 113mm
Input Voltage: 110 or 240V AC
Input Frequency: 60 Hz
Output Current: < 5 mA
Maximum Load: 12 meters of ionizing appliances and cable
Output: 5kV
Power Consumption: 140W
$650.00 /EACH
List price: $650.00 /EACH
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