Standard Carbide Close up

Megalife Carbide Close up

Our Megalife knives are made from Tungsten Carbide. This metal is made up of millions of tiny carbide granules measured in grain size. Fine grain carbide has a grain size of 1.2 - 2.5 per micrometer. This grain size was common years ago but it would chip relatively easy. Our Megalife carbide has a grain size of .5 per micro meter with a hardness of 1500 HV30 (stainless steel is 180 HV30). The picture on the left exemplifies just how small Megalife micrograins are compared to other knife carbides. The smaller granules allow for less air within the metal and an extreme ability to resist cracking or chipping.

Copper Braze


Silver Braze

Schonenberger's brazing method also sets it's knives apart from the competition. Their facility has special computerized and temperture controlled brazing machines that allow brazing to be done at the lowest possible temperature. The lower temperature results in the least amount of tension to the carbide and minimizes any straightening necessary for bowed carbide knives. In addition, brazing is done with a silver compound versus a copper compound. As you can see in the pictures to the left, the silver compound allows for the least amount of space between the carbide and steel. This makes the knife much more stable than many of our competitors copper brazed carbide.

All in all, tension is a knife's worst enemy. Schonenberger has the ability to manufacture knives with precise temperature control and without the need for straightening, minimizing any tension. With this and smaller granule size, you can be assured that Megalife is the best carbide knife on the market today.