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Stitcher Head Repair/Rebuild



At Update Ltd, we care about the condition of your stitcher heads. With 20 plus years of experience in stitcher head repairs, you can trust that they will be fixed properly, carefully and efficiently.  Call us today about our services!

We can repair the following stitcher heads:
Hohner models: 70/20, 52/8, 55/7F, 48/5, 50/8, 43/6, 45/6
Deluxe/Bostitch models: 26D, 18D, G8, G20, G5
ISP Interlake models: 26 series, Magnatek, M2000
The repair process is done very carefully and meticulously to ensure that we find the root of the problem. First, each head is completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned, lubricated and greased.  We then look at each individual part in order to spot and replace worn, broken and/or missing parts. Once the problem has been fixed, the head is carefully reassembled.  as well as lubricated and greased throughout the process. For quality control purposes, we test each head to enure it was properly repaired. Both the test strip and worn parts are returned along with the repaired head. 

Labor charges differ depending on machine model. For 26D series, there is a flat labor charge of $80, regardless of head condition. We will call for approval on major repairs. 

For Hohner heads, there is an $80 per hour labor charge. Labor is not to exceed 2 hours. We will call for approval on major repairs. 
When available, rebuilt 26D stitcher heads are $390. Please call for rebuilt Hohner heads. Parts are extra for both style of heads.