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Trimmer Knives

Perfect binders require the most demanding trimming jobs, so it’s important to have the highest quality knives available. This is why we offer Schoenenberger’s “Mega Life Carbide”; arguably the best carbide in the world. These knives will outlast and outperform any other blade on the market. We have them available for many perfect binding machines including models from Muller Martini, Kolbus, Horizon, and Challenge.

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Muller 3671 Merit Knives
Kolbus HD-49 Knives
Horizon HT-1000 Knives
Horizon HT-30 Knife
Challenge CMT 130 Knife
Horizon HT-101 Knives
Horizon HT-100 Knives
Muller 3674 Frontero Knives
Muller 3672 Zenith Knives
Muller 3670 Alpine Knives
Horizon HT-70, HT-80 Knife
Muller Martini Knife Bolt 3670.4320.4
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