Update Ltd CHT Process

The CHT process, which is completely unique to Update Ltd, is a value-added service offered to provide longer-lasting parts. CHT, which stands for chemicals, heat, and time, are three variables that, when combined, help to enhance the wear of your products, promising more effective and durable parts. CHT can come in a number of different coatings, such as Teflon, titanium nitride, chrome finish, and carbide sputter, which can be applied to equipment or products of various materials. CHT is most suited for drills, stitcher parts, perforators and slitters, and cutting tools.

Not only does the CHT process help drills run cooler, but it helps prevent clogging as well. The core of paper removed or drilled out, commonly referred to as a chad or plug of paper, can get clogged inside the drill. The CHT coating lowers the coefficient of friction, thus helping in preventing a clog and speeding up the drilling process as well.