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Part Number: MAT-5P-1/2

Main Industry Segments: Paper converting, Paper manufacturing, Paper processing, Paper printing and finishing

Applications: Machine Tape, Paper handling Belt

Special Features: Constant coefficient of friction, High grip surface

$1.85 /PER FOOT
List price: $1.85 /PER FOOT
    • PER FOOT
  • Availability: In stock
Product Construction
Conveying Side Material: Rubber (EDPM)
Conveying Side Surface: Rough structure
Conveying Side Property: Adhesive
Conveying Side Property: Green
Traction Layer: Polyamide (PA)
Pulley Side Material: Hamid
Pulley Side Surface: Smooth
Pulley Side Property: Non-adhesive
Pulley Side Color: Black

Product Data
Joining Method: Quickmelt / Flexproof
Belt Thickness: 1.40mm (0.06 in.)
Antistatically equipped: Yes
Stretchy: No
Min. Operating Temp. -20°C (-4°F)
Max Operating Temp. 60°C (140°F)
Min. Pulley Diameter: 20mm (.79 in)

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