Anti-Static Copper Tinsel Bar 18"
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Anti-Static Copper Tinsel Bar 18"

Part Number: TINSEL-BAR-18

Copper Tinsel Bars seamlessly blend the cost-effective static elimination benefits of copper tinsel with the advantages of sturdy bar mounting.

Tinsel bars are self-energizing, induction-type static eliminators, requiring no external power source. They are non-sparking, making them suitable for use in potentially hazardous environments. The replaceable tinsel insert is securely housed in a lightweight, anodized extruded aluminum holder.

Thanks to their robust construction, these bars enable precise positioning. They measure 3/8" wide x 1-1/4" deep in specified lengths ranging from 6" to 96", in one-inch increments. Easily installed, even in confined spaces, and particularly well-suited for OEM installations.

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• Self-Energizing, induction type (no power needed) static eliminator - does not spark or cause sparks, and can be used in hazardous locations.

• Replaceable 100% copper tinsel insert mounted in a lightweight anodized aluminum holder

• Rigid construction allows precise positioning

• Eliminates static electricity from moving materials or product as they pass over or through rolls, conveyers, grippers, etc.

• Mounted by affixing directly to machine frame, affixing with custom made mount straps, or suspending by chains.


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